Hi, we're Dario and Andrea.

We’re two Italian guys born in Genova, a mid-size city near Portofino. We’ve been friends since forever.

We were in our teens during the transition to the digital age, and we weren’t prepared for it.

We spent endless hours in front of screens: watching TV, using a computer, surfing the Internet, and playing videogames. For us, it was just normal.

We carried on this technological abuse for years, until we started to experience severe physical and psychological symptoms.

  • Backaches, headaches, neck pain, and other kinds of physical pain. We felt like nature did something wrong, and that our bodies were “incorrectly assembled.”
  • Many addictions that filled up our free time: porn, video games, social networks, TV shows, email, etc.
  • Bad moods, lack of mental acuity, and states of depression, which led to Dario having a nervous breakdown at the age of 27.
  • Inability to stop thinking about work, or to disconnect from screens.
  • Low physical energy, leading to decreased productivity and general lethargy.
  • Difficulties truly connecting with our loved ones, family, friends, or romantic partners.
  • Sexual issues, including obsessive use of porn and psychological impotence.
  • Insomnia and waking up very late every day. We referred to it with sad humor as “the digital baker’s life” (in Italy, bakers work all night to prepare fresh bread for the next morning).
  • Panic attacks and sudden rage.
  • And many more, with the situation getting worse every day.

The situation became unbearable. But, as is often the case, major struggles may reveal themselves as blessings in disguise. So…

We started to search for practical solutions. 

It was a near-obsessive search for relief. We invested more than €80.000, trying and testing every strategy we could grasp.

During the first years of our journey, we researched remedies for each disorder listed at the beginning.

We read all the self-help books we could find for each subject and tried countless techniques. We studied and practiced several disciplines. We sought the help of doctors and therapists. We found and lost mentors.

We meditated, ran in the wild, danced to African rhythms, took part in shamanic ceremonies. Unfortunately, the results varied and did not last—they were merely stopgaps. It was so damn frustrating.

Finally we realized we were just working on the symptoms, ignoring the causes. It was obvious that we were looking in the wrong direction. Then we stumbled across an insight that changed everything.

At the root of tech abuse is in fact a deep social and individual suffering caused by an innocent and widespread misunderstanding about how our minds work.

Tech abuse makes sense in an outdated paradigm of our minds and experience, and this causes a lot of pointless suffering.

But after years of struggle and research we have good news: all of this can change in a moment with a simple insight into how the human experience actually works.

This insight, this paradigm, changed our lives. For us, this isn’t just a job or a way to make some cash. It’s a mission.

We want to spread the message and help those who need it—as we received help back when we were struggling.

If you want know more about what this paradigm is and how it can benefit you, your business, clients, or loved ones, please visit our blog.