We envision a future in which - through this simple yet profound paradigm shift in the understanding of our minds - humanity can live happily and healthily in the digital world.

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When it comes to the idea of thriving in the digital age, you may expect us to start giving out tips and tricks, but we’ll do nothing of the sort.

The Internet is saturated with step-by-step techniques on how to limit the use of devices, do deep work, focus more, and so forth—yet these pieces of advice often prove inadequate.

It’s wonderful advice which works great if you happen to be the author. But for us, it didn’t work.

We have tried those strategies for years and, unfortunately, the results varied and did not last—they were merely stopgaps. (You can read more of our story here.)

What we realized after more than a decade of research is that…

People use technology in a way that makes sense for them given their current understanding of the world.

The way we understand our minds—our paradigm of reality—is the basis of our choices about everything. Technology is no exception.

The reason why so many people use technology as a coping mechanism, as an escape from reality or to soothe themselves, is that at that moment it’s the best they can do.

Digital detox or similar techniques may have an effect in the short term, but if your reality paradigm doesn’t change, you will soon go back to your usual behaviors.

So we won’t try to convince you to add new techniques to your busy life, because the solution lies elsewhere.

The solution lies in a whole new way of thinking about technology: a paradigm shift.

At the root of tech abuse, in fact, there is a deep social and individual suffering caused by an innocent and widespread misunderstanding about how our minds work.

We are not taking about a concept, nor an additive method (i.e., adding “more stuff to know/do” in your life).

This is described perfectly by bestselling author and executive coach Jamie Smart in one of our interviews:


We're Dario and Andrea - trainers, authors and coaches. 

We spent our youth in front of screens: TV, computer, Internet and video games.

By 2008, we were praised as young prodigies of Italian digital marketing and perceived as successful people. But, in reality, we suffered from severe physical and mental issues.

This thrust us into a quest for practical solutions.

A quest that took 12 years, cost more than €80,000, and resulted in a series of projects to awaken people and help them reconnect with themselves, with nature, and with their humanity through a simple, and yet profound paradigm shift.  

This understanding changed our lives.

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