“You don't need a productivity system to be more productive...”

Bestselling author and executive coach Jamie Smart

The web is riddled with information on how to be more productive, how to manage time, how to prioritize, getting things done, and so forth.

These methods often prove too complex or ineffective, especially in the long run. And there are so many that it can be frustrating just choosing one!

It turns out that you do not need a productivity hack to know how to get things done. As Jamie says in the video, you just need to reconnect with "the wisdom and intelligence that is at the heart of your being."

Assisted by the metaphor of the four quadrants, Jamie leads you to reawaken this innate power—moving from resistance to action.

Through a deeper awakening of consciousness, you may discover that the biggest shift happens when your results become independent of the ebbs and flows of your state of mind.

Watch the video below to go beyond time management techniques toward deeper and greater freedom:

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