​Are deep work and digital minimalism enough to lead a happy life?

With bestselling author and executive coach Jamie Smart

Even with an overflow of books and tips on how to be more successful and productive, one elusive, obvious point seems to be slipping through the cracks:


Most people are not satisfied with their life and work.


In this era of information overload, if the more info=more fulfillment equation worked, we would know it by now. We would all be billionaire buddhas with a perfect waistline.


In this video, we instead explore with Jamie a radically new way to think about deep work, success, and results.


We look for the reliable and persistent inner source of security, well-being, and aliveness that is within all of us.


If you don't know that this source is there, you're going to seek in the opposite direction: outside yourself. You’ll be looking outward for status, approval, social media stardom, or somebody else's ideas and common sense.


But you are built to focus, do deep work on the things that matter, and flow with life. Discover how to start reconnecting with this innate capacity by exploring the paradigm shift in this video:

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