Feeling overwhelmed or burned out? “It's Wisdom's best shot at trying to slow you down...”

– Bestselling author and executive coach Jamie Smart

Jamie's burnout definition is: “Wisdom's best shot at trying to slow you down and get you to take a step back from a path that could run you into the ground.”

Signs of burnout are nothing more than messengers. Most people would like to get rid of them—not heeding their wisdom—and to “go back to things as they were.”

But “things as they were” is precisely why you—or your loved ones—are dealing with burnout, chronic fatigue, or feeling overwhelmed.

Yes, you may explore ways to cope with it, but real transformation comes from an embodied understanding of what burnout is and why it started.

In the video, we take a closer look at who we are and where our experience of the world comes from, to gain that underlying understanding.

Watch the video and explore the paradigm shift that we are spreading with our NGO to find out how to recover from burnout and live life at your best:

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