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Executive coach warns against conventional ideas on "how to stop procrastinating and stay focused"

  • Revealed: why there are no universal methods for focusing, and what to do instead (hint: it is linked to your innate clarity).
  • Discover the case study of 3 bestselling books and the "traffic light" technique...and how you can profit from it today. 
  • Learn from a bestselling author, trainer and executive coach with 21 years of experience in the field.
Jamie Smart is Sunday time bestselling author of "Results" and "Clarity"

We often turn to external resources to find tips and ideas on how to focus.

But there are no universal methods on focusing, as much as wanna-be gurus and greedy marketers would like you to believe the opposite.

The best course of action, says expert Jamie Smart, author of Sunday Times bestsellers Clarity and Results, is to investigate “what is procrastination?” and “why do I procrastinate?”

Through a paradigm shift in the understanding of how your mind works, you will automatically reconnect with your innate capacity to stay focused.

In the video, you discover that you are built to focus on work and that overcoming procrastination is not about using off-the-shelf approaches that work only in a given moment for a specific person.

The solution lies within the question, "Am I believing that my feelings are coming from the future task?"

While exploring the answer with us, you may come to see that we always attribute power to external objects and techniques, not realizing that the power is within us all along.

Watch the video and uncover an entirely new approach to staying focused and stopping procrastination:

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