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The unconvential Productivity Course - Business & Life - Now Free!

Bestselling author warns against conventional productivity courses in this brand new course "A paradigm shift to thrive in the digital age"

Created by Dario & Andrea and Jamie Smart

  • Last updated 07/20
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What you'll learn

  • Why there are no universal methods for productivity, and what to do instead (hint: it is linked to your innate clarity).
  • Discover the innovative "Clarity Productivity Quadrant"™ ...and how you can profit from it today. 
  • Learn from a bestselling author, trainer and executive coach with 21 years of experience in the field.


  • An open mind
  • Readiness to improve your personal productivity
  • No Prior knowledge or tools required


The web is riddled with courses on how to be more productive, how to manage time, how to prioritize, getting things done, and so forth.

These courses often prove too complex or ineffective, especially in the long run. And there are so many that it can be frustrating just choosing one!

It turns out that you do not need a productivity course to know how to get things done. As Jamie says in the video, you just need to reconnect with "the wisdom and intelligence that is at the heart of your being."

Assisted by the metaphor of the four quadrants, Jamie leads you to reawaken this innate power—moving from resistance to action.

Through a deeper awakening of consciousness, you may discover that the biggest shift happens when your results become independent of the ebbs and flows of your state of mind.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need productivity coaching or productivity consulting or mentoring to be productive?

Yes and no. Conventional productivity coaching tends to focus on steps, tips, or tricks to increase your productivity - often trying to hack your motivation and concentration.

In the video Jamie Smart explains the Clarity Productivity Quadrant, revealing that we are all built to be productive and efficient. We just do not know how to properly use our "operating system".

Once we start to regain knowledge of who we really are and how our experience works, we realize that we are all built to create, produce, and flow.

Sometimes, to regain knowledge of this innate truth, coaching is really useful. Especially since we have been trained from a young age to think otherwise.

In other words, it all depends on the starting point of the coaching conversation. If you want to know more, please click above to watch the video for free.

Are productivity courses, classes, seminars and workshops effective?

While learning external ideas on how to be productive can be sporadically useful, most of the time it just gets in the way of our innate capacities. It fills up our headspace with more rules and stuff to do.

More often than not, the tips and ideas pile up without any action on our part, they do not have the desired effect, or they are consumed and swiftly forgotten.

What makes us flow and create naturally is, as Jamie puts it in the video, "the innate wisdom and knowledge that is at the heart of our being".

Realizing this truth affects our productivity and enjoyment of life in a way that goes far beyond all pre-made productivity hacks and systems (commonly found in books, blogs, courses, classes, seminars, and the like).